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Name:Pascal Haag
Training since:2006
Height:176 CM
Weight (Offseason):94-99 KG
Weight (Competition):87 KG
  • Max. Lifts:
    • Bench press: 145KG
    • Squat: 170KG
    • Deadlift: 255KG
    Favorite meal:Lasagne
    Motto:No retreat, no surrender!


    It all started with the athletic sports. At first I was professionally trained and disciplined by my father, who was an active athletic coach at that time. At the age of 12 my older brother took me to his break-dancing group for the first time, which I then also joined. Here I could put my body control to the test and refine it with moves and tricks to the finest detail. Only those who are very focused have full control of body and mind, which is very important in this sport. This time has greatly influenced my athletic career. The pursuit of mastery and sovereignty in my movements were an ideal starting point for the sport of strength. Due to the educational and professional careers of some members our break-dance group disbanded. I looked for an alternative and came into contact with the iron for the first time. I was instantly in love and wanted more.

    In the beginning I weighed 70 kilograms and terms such as ‘supersets’, ‘post workout shake’ or 'clean basic exercises' were foreign words for me. Also, I was not aware of the fact that the right nutrition is very important. It was completely new territory. Although I had not quite an idea of nutrition and training, I was able to directly achieve first results. I felt better, stronger and tried to give 200% in every training session. Then I dealt with the topic of bodybuilding and learned a lot about the tradition of the sport, the human body and it’s functions and the most important factor: nutrition. Finally bodybuilding was no longer just an alternative but my first choice and my new lifestyle. After a few years it was time for new goals. I planned my own first hard diet and fought my way through until the bitter end! But I wanted more ...

    One day it finally happened: my first competition - an intense moment and another important step for my future.

    If I look back on my career with it’s ups and downs - one thing is clear to me:

    No retreat, no surrender!

    You can profit from any situation, because the journey is the goal ... and only you control the direction.